How To Advocate For Yourself At The Doctors Office | Webinar

How To Advocate For Yourself At The Doctors Office | Webinar

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Have you ever felt judgement, fear, humiliation or not listened to in a doctors office? Doctors carry real biases just like all of us and it can be a difficult world to navigate as a patient particularly a FAT patient.  Purchase this practical and supportive webinar where you can learn how to advocate for yourself in and out of the doctors office. 

Included in this price is a resource pack with scripts, letters and information completely customisable for you to take with you to your next doctors appointment. 

Learn from the direct experience and knowledge of a fat activist whom also has had countless disrespectful and unhelpful doctor appointments. Explore what it means to advocate for yourself and learn techniques on how to speak with your doctor about your history. A great webinar for those wanting to learn how to push for adequate medical care that is health at every size inclusive and tailored for your needs. 

After purchasing your webinar you will be re-directed to the YouTube Replay please save this link or bookmark the video to re-watch in the future. Also you will find the dropbox resource link in the video description please DOWNLOAD DROPBOX FILES ASAP as in the future I may delete shared folder and wouldn't want you to lose the resources.